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Simple solution for a thousand-year-old problem

 All we did is put a guide on a sharpening rod that keeps the knife at a perfect angle. 

It allows you to replicate the stroke of a master sharpener without any effort. It’s that simple.

People have struggled with sharpening for ages and the fact that no one thought of this earlier is truly bewildering.

Let‘s talk physics

To have a sharp edge and make it last, you need to follow two major rules:

1)  When you sharpen a knife, the grinding should never occur along the cutting edge. This is why nearly all pull-through knife sharpeners are unable to create a lasting sharpness, they simply weaken the blade by chipping the cutting edge.

Cutting edge after pull-through sharpener

2)  After the initial rough sharpening, a fine sharpening is required at a greater angle to remove imperfections on the cutting edge.

1.Cutting edge after coarse sharpener 2.Cutting edge after fine sharpening at greater angle

Ease of use

With a sharpening rod and an angle guide, all you have to do is insert your knife in the guide and stroke the knife back and forth. It’s that easy.

Sharpening, Honing, Stropping

Our sharpening system includes 3 easy-to-use tools. The coarse sharpener will re-edge even the dullest blade. The fine sharpener will make the blade extra sharp and the leather strop will remove any micro burrs for an exceptional and lasting sharpness.


You don’t always need to start with the coarse sharpener – if the edge of the blade is undamaged, you can use just the fine sharpener for honing and the leather strop.


Our system lets you perform whichever task is needed – sharpening, honing or stropping.

The leather strop will remove any micro burrs for an exceptional and lasting sharpness
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