KnifeYouLike Sharpening System

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Consists of:

  • Two ceramic sharpening rods (fine and coarse).
  • Three angle guides for sharpening Rod. 30°, 35° and 40° angle guides. All indicated angle sizes are ‘included angles’. That means that if you sharpen a knife at a 15 degrees from one side, ‘included angle’ is marked as 30 degrees.Compatible with:Full flat V-Edge kitchen knives up to 3mm spine
  • Two silicon caps do not allow angle guide to slip off the rod while sharpening and protects it from breaking in case it would fall.
  • Two synthetic caoutchouc rubbers for rod cleaning.
  • Turn over the box lid to find 4 small oaken pieces glued to it. Slide the blade on one of the oaken pieces to remove the burr after using a coarse rod.The lid, once turned over, also have leather strops for removing even the smallest burr after usage of a fine sharpening rod for exceptional sharpness.

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions48 × 16 × 8 cm

8 reviews for KnifeYouLike Sharpening System

  1. roman

    Maximilian Rothmund who bought the KYL system on Kickstarter said:
    Received the sharpener kit. Works like a charm!!! Thank you so much!

  2. roman

    Tino de Rijk who bought the KYL system on Kickstarter said:
    My set arrived today in perfect order. Also received proper tracking info beforehand (to Holland). The set takes a bit getting used to, but the instruction video here on KS helps a lot. Once you get used to it, it works very nicely. Thanks!

  3. roman

    Peter Brülls who bought the KYL system on Kickstarter said::
    So, I finally practiced on an Opinel Carbon. I like sharp knives, but never got the knack for sharpening them on a whetstone. Anyway, with this set I finally got a blade to get back to “cut paper” easily within minutes and I’m reasonably sure that I will get even better results over time.
    A plus that the rods can be used without training wheels, so to speak.
    Very satisfied with this Kickstarter, including being more or less on time.

  4. roman

    Append[x] GmbH who bought the KYL system on Kickstarter said:
    I tested the set immediately with two knives (an old and a newer one) and I am absolutely stunned – the system is working really, really well, much better than I expected. I used wet stones before, with excellent results, but there are three major downsides: time effort (preparation, sharpening, cleanup), the mess and the maintenance of the stones, as they carve out pretty quickly.
    The KnifeYouLike Sharpener is incredibly fast (I expected a significant necessary number of movements with the course rod, but a few dozen strokes did the job), the sharpness is excellent and there is no mess.
    In the past, with wet stones I would sharpen my 8 kitchen knifes only once every 6 weeks due to the effort (and as a result, knives would not be sharp for about 3 to 4 weeks in the meantime). The KnifeYouLike system I will probably use every week with only a few minutes effort and as a result always have all knives sharp at all times.
    For badly destroyed knives with dents in the blade, I would not try to fix them with the course rod of the KnifeYouLike-system (I would expect it to take very long), but rather prepare them with a rough wet stone first.
    Thanks a lot for this gread product!

  5. roman

    Steve Sebban who bought the KYL system on Kickstarter said:
    Got mine. Used it already. My knifes are like new. Thank you!

  6. roman

    Ralf Baltes who bought the KYL system on Kickstarter said:
    Danke,es ist ein super System und funktioniert toll.

  7. roman

    Lyndon from Australia said:
    “Parcel arrived Australia 15/08/22 in very good condition; it was that good it took quite a few minutes to get the box undone.
    It probably took a couple goes to get the right angle and pressure for correct sharpening, but once achieved I obtained 4 brand new knives.
    Many thanks for a really great product that worked as stated & good luck in the future.

  8. TErickson

    I purchased my sharpeners on the kickstarter campaign and it has performed perfectly. I have now bought two more sets for my sons christmas presents. They both have commented on how sharp our knives are and now they can have the same results.

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